Heroic Race in Dragon City

New HIGH AURASPHERE Heroic Race Guide!

The excitement is palpable as Dragon City unveils the latest challenge for its dedicated players – the HIGH AURASPHERE Heroic Race.

This race comes hot on the heels of the previous marathon, offering a fresh opportunity for players to engage in competitive gameplay. Notably, this race harks back to the format of pre-Heroic Care races, with revamped lap rewards that are sure to intrigue both new and veteran players alike.

How to Reach Lap 15 F2P

For those aiming to secure the HIGH AURASPHERE Heroic Dragon without spending a dime, reaching Lap 15 is the key. This milestone guarantees the acquisition of the coveted dragon, maintaining the tradition of previous races.

However, it’s worth noting that the rewards beyond Lap 15 have been altered, diminishing the incentive to grind further unless one is aiming for exceptionally high laps.

The race structure has reverted to an older format, making the tasks more manageable than in recent iterations.

One crucial strategy for success in the Heroic Race is the judicious use of booster spins.

Players are advised to save these for battles, particularly league battles, which can be a stumbling block for those who have found themselves outmatched in the past.

If league battles prove too challenging, booster spins can be a lifeline, helping to avoid the need for gemming through these obstacles.

As the race spans 11 days, players should pace themselves and utilize resources such as the dlap and the de list websites.

These sites provide invaluable information on cooldowns and node timers for each lap, allowing for strategic planning and efficient use of time.

New Collection!

In addition to the race, Dragon City introduces a new collection event – the Happy New Sphere event.

This event offers a chance to collect Sparkle jars, which can yield up to 100 orbs for the HIGH AURASPHERE Heroic Dragon.

These jars can be found in event items and Dragon TV, adding another layer of engagement to the race period.

The collection also includes Wish spars, which are integral to obtaining more orbs for the new Heroic Dragon.

These can be acquired through various in-game activities such as the fog event, maze islands, quests, and Dragon TV.

Players are encouraged to save their food for these quests, as leveling up the new dragon will be crucial for empowering it to higher ranks.

Strategies for Each Task

When it comes to the tasks within the Heroic Race, there are several strategies players can employ to maximize their efficiency.

For instance, collecting gold is as simple as tapping on habitats with the gold symbol, while collecting food requires planting the shortest duration crops in farms and repeatedly harvesting them.

The feeding dragons task is particularly straightforward, involving the hatching and feeding of Terra dragons, which can then be sold to avoid food wastage.

Breeding dragons, on the other hand, is one of the more challenging tasks, with a recommended approach of pairing two non-empowered Terra dragons for a higher chance of success.

Similarly, hatching dragons follows the same principle, with Terra dragon eggs being the go-to for their short hatching time.

For battling tasks, it’s essential to have a strong team ready to face opponents capped at Dragon level 40.

If players find themselves unable to compete, using booster spins or gems to bypass these battles is advised, though it can become costly if not managed carefully.


The HIGH AURASPHERE Heroic Race presents a thrilling challenge for Dragon City enthusiasts. By reaching Lap 15, players can guarantee themselves the new Heroic Dragon, while the new collection event offers additional rewards and opportunities for empowerment.

With the right strategies and resource management, even free-to-play gamers can find success and add the powerful HIGH AURASPHERE Heroic Dragon to their collection. So gear up, plan your moves, and dive into the race for glory!